Weigh In Day

It’s that time of the year when the weather gets warmer so the flies, mosquitos, and ticks start coming out. In order to protect the cows from getting sick we have to give them vaccinations based on their weight just like humans! Today’s task was to figure out what they really weighed and that was quite exciting.

The first calf

Today started like any other day. We went to check on the cows, see if we had a new calf yet, and work on cleaning up the farm. Well, we didn’t have a new calf yet but Lily kept going off on her own so we knew the birth was imminent…

Months of Work

Once upon a time there was a girl that really wanted cows….They were cute, they were cuddly, and she thought they all should be her friends.

Well….the story may have become a fairy tale but it certainly didn’t start out that way.