Thank You Page

Ms. Paula and the late Mr. Keheley

These two kind-hearted, generous souls are the reason Moo Cow Farms exists today. I never will be able to thank them enough. Without their blessing and willingness to support this crazy cow cuddling dream that I had, Moo Cow Farms wouldn’t be here for everyone to enjoy.


One of the sweetest dogs you ever will meet.  He is the reason that our exuberant, people-loving, treat-seeking Mookie is alive today.  Without Bernie’s love and affection (and his healing licking abilities) Mookie wouldn’t have made it past the day he was born.

Tetrad Brewing and 13 Stripes

Go support these two breweries!  Their willingness to build a relationship where we can take their spent grain gives the cows more feed and keeps their diet exciting and healthy.

Simpsonville Fire Department – Station 5

The wonderful firemen at this station keep an eye on the cows for us when we aren’t around.  They also let our amazing visitors park in their visitor lot so we don’t have to use any pasture space for parking and can ensure the cows have as much grass as possible.